Friday, January 25, 2013

The Dream Year - what do you think of this process?


Each year, a group of audacious people goes through a process to achieve a larger than life dream in one year. The participants include everyone from filmmakers and advocates to entrepreneurs and authors. No dream is too big, and no idea is too far-fetched.
The journey is called Dream Year.
There are two ways you can be a part of it: Weekend retreats hosted in various cities where you can get a crash course in Dream Year and connect with other leaders. And one-on-one coaching limited to a community of 12 people. Let the journey begin.


Authenticating your dream (tracing its history, assessing your readiness, testing the idea, defining a clear project, raising your capacity, preparing for risk)
Building your platform (moving from beggar to influencer, finding your audience, trading value for information, becoming an expert in your field)
Defining your values (determining what you won't do, then determining what you will do, on the subject of excellence, building a team to bring your idea to life)
Funding your dream (great ideas are spreadsheets with skin on, identifying revenue sources, shaping your strategy, cash flow is everything, the art of making the ask)
Branding your dream (developing a total user experience, a field guide to designers, developing a creative class around you, design as the foundation for what you do)
Creating milestones (working backward from the goal, productivity tools, the sacrificial substitution principle, the order of action)
Leveraging influence (if you don't have influence you borrow it, if you already have influence you still borrow it, creating social movements around your idea, networking with leaders who matter)
Developing partnerships (creating win-wins, the art of negotiation, rooting out great partnerships, angles of benefit, value exchanges, approaching partners)
Rainmaking (sales for people who hate sales, how to put yourself out there without losing dignity, systems that produce revenue, closing deals, invoicing, merchant gateways)
Shaping an organization (organizational systems, proprietary versus outsourced, contractors versus employees, legal issues, how to make your idea your living, etc.)
Positioning yourself (navigating the world of media, agents, publishers, and conference makers, marketing in an over-saturated field, differentiation)
Sustaining your dream, last-month epiphanies, unresolved issues, feedback and last minute-ideas, charting the future connectivity of the class of 2013

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