Thursday, January 16, 2014

I’m excited to have the opportunity to contribute to a new blog at LifeWay called Pastors Today. It is written bypastors for pastors, and addresses many of the challenges pastors face in ministry.

My first article was posted yesterday: 5 Warning Signs Your Relationship with God Is Strictly Professional:

“Ministry is more than a job. It’s not less than a job, of course. It is what we do to make money to provide for ourselves and our families. That’s what a job is.

But pastoral ministry is much more than a job because it can never be separated from the pastor’s personal life. Whatever the opposite of oil and water is, that is the metaphor for the pastor’s personal and professional life.

Because of this vital connection between our life and our ministry, Satan schemes to nudge pastors toward a strictly professional relationship with God. By “strictly professional” I mean the kind of relationship that is exists simply to get a job done, but exhibits little warmth, care, or love away from the task. Think Kobe and Shaq circa 2004.

If our adversary can get our relationship with Jesus on strictly professional terms, he will subtly turn us down a path toward destruction. Since the link between our life, our ministry, and our God is inextricable, it is impossible to serve your church in “on the job” mode for very long. Our ministry will unravel. That’s because our spiritual life already has.

Does your relationship with God serve merely a ministerial function? Are you increasingly disconnected from God in terms of a personal, vibrant relationship?

Here are five signs that your relationship with God is strictly professional.”

Read the rest here.

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