Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Assimilation 101 from Michael Lukaszewski of The Rocket Co.

Here are six reasons guests might not be attending as much as you'd like.

1.  You're not teaching your people to invite.  It's not enough to ask them to invite, you've got to teach them.  Really slow down and share ideas for when and how to make the ask.

2.  Your service isn't designed with guests in mind. Don't get caught up in the seeker/believer argument - just look at things through the eyes of a first timer.  Explain what's going to happen and make sure people know where to go.  You have to do this every week.

3.  You're preaching to who IS there, not who ISN'T there.  Make a reference to first time guests, even if there aren't many.  Don't assume people know Bible stories and references.  That's insider talk.

4.  Your small groups are not outward focused.  I have a deep conviction that serving teams need to feel like groups and groups need to feel like serving teams.  You don't have to separate evangelism and discipleship in your small groups.

5.  You don't have a presence in the community. Show up at things that are already happening.  Everyone on staff should be a part of some community organization.

6.  You don't spend money on advertising and outreach. A Facebook promoted post with an automated email follow up sequence is a great way to promote a special event or series in your church.  This is a MASSIVE opportunity for churches.

I'm going to go much deeper into these and lots of other growth strategies in the GROW Online Network. It's 12 months of focus on helping you grow. If you want to see your church grow in size and influence, come be a part.



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